Being Credit-Worthy

In order to borrow at competitive rates it is important to be a credit-worthy person.  Everyone knows that potential lenders look closely at your credit record, but did you also know that landlords and insurance companies do, too?  Here are some tips for building up a clean credit record – and making sure it stays that way.


You probably already know that your credit report is all-important when it comes to qualifying for any type of loan, including a mortgage, an auto loan, or a low-rate credit card.  But you may not realize that having a lousy credit rating can impede you when it comes to getting a job, renting an apartment or even getting a decent rate on auto insurance.


Landlords, employers and insurance companies have all discovered that someone who pays bills on time is likely to be responsible enough to pay them as well, and responsible enough to drive safely on the roads.  That means it’s in your best interest to keep your credit report – and your credit score – in its best possible condition.



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