Thought-Provoking Questions

·         Are you paying high interest rates?

·         Are you being charged late fees?

·         Are you getting calls from creditors?

·         Can you afford the monthly payments, but not the past due amount?

·         Are you making monthly payments, but your balance never seems to go down?

·         Do you worry about paying your bills?

·         Would reducing your payment help?

·         Are you able to only make minimum payments and your balance is not going down but UP, UP, and UP?

·         Are you racking up credit card debts faster than you can pay them?

·         Do you feel like sinking in quicksand, and you sincerely want to get out of it once and for all? 

·         Are you always short on cash because you have to cover the past due bills?

·         Are you incurring penalties because you cannot meet the minimum payment or are not paying your bills on time?


Maybe it is time to say goodbye to debt once and for all.


Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!

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