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Four years ago, my wife asked me if I had heard of the financial talk-show host, Dave Ramsey. I had not. On her way home from work, she occasionally tunes into the show. Picking up my son from school, who was at that time twelve years old, gave him the opportunity to listen to the show also.

My son has always been a money-conscious young man who has been aware of price comparisons, spending habits and financial matters. Since about the age of two, he has always been interested in and commented about things having to do with money.

At the early age of about four, he chastised me for purchasing a box of ice cream bars when I could have purchased another box, with more bars in it for less money. Of course, at that age, he didn’t understand the difference between bars containing ice milk or real ice cream.

To this day, he continues to ask questions almost daily about what we spend, how much we owe, will we be able to retire, etc. He seems to have been born with some kind of financial interest gene.

At any rate, when I am able to, I tune my radio to the Dave Ramsey Show on Sundays during our drive home from church. Nathaniel delights in anticipating the answers to the call-in questions even before the host responds to the caller.

Tell me about “your” financial mentor! Your comments appreciated!

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Dave Ramsey is a HUGE financial mentor of mine.

So are …
My parents
David Bach
David Chilton
Robert Kiyosaki