Choosing to Improve Your Financial Condition – 1

Understanding that a lot of choices do come your way and that you have within you the power to improve your financial condition, you will come to understand that you too can be completely debt free. So what is the answer? Let’s start by making sure you know you have too much debt now and need to get out from under the debt burden. In my opinion, any debt is too much debt.

To begin your journey out of debt, you must not borrow anymore from this point on. This means saying no to anything but survival needs; i.e., food, water, shelter. Sacrifice all other purchases even though you feel you need them. Things such as tools, clothes, manicures, hairstylists, movies, eating out, lawn furniture, gifts, going out of town on weekend trips, etc. are definitely out. No more purchases of these kinds. Even some grocery spending should be examined. Specialty foods / drinks and other extras can be trimmed and a great deal of savings can immediately be realized from your food budget.

Have you made this choice yet? Your comments appreciated!

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