Getting to the Starting Line

People who have become disciplined and paid off their existing debt have made it to the starting line. Do they continue to progress or did they mistake the starting line for the finish line? How many of them grabbed the prize and went back to their old ways of living and thinking?

Many people have repaid a boatload of debt, only to fall back into the temptation and the old ways of piling up debt. How can we encourage people not to stop, but move on to the next level and beyond? Is it possible to win over debt for a lifetime?

You have to get to the starting line, establish your long-term goal of reaching financial freedom, define that goal in terms of steps, and then change gears from debt-recovery to debt-prevention. Think specifically, not generally, about how you’re going to get there and then rejoice because each step from now on will be one of progress, not repair.

In reality, you may not have a clue what you believe about money and its role in your life. Or you might firmly believe things that are not true. No matter what you’ve done or believed in the past about money and how to take care of it, now is the time to tie yourself to a foundation that will not change, one that will withstand the storms of life.

Your thoughts on this subject? Your comments appreciated!

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