Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities VI

“Free” Vacations

A favorite giveaway to lure you to sales presentations, such as those peddling condos, is the promise of a dream vacation to Hawaii, the Bahamas or Mexico. In fact, what you get is a vacation certificate. To take advantage of it, you must typically deal with an out-of-state travel agency by mail, not by telephone. It is difficult to get reservations and even harder to get the name of the hotel where you are supposed to stay.

Ask questions, check the answers and consider all the facts before making that purchase or investing those hard-earned dollars.

With many vacation certificates, you must get to the destination on your own, where you will get two or three nights’ lodging—probably someplace you wouldn’t want to stay. So remember, it’s not your education, social status, money or experience that counts. It’s taking the time to check it out! If a deal sounds too good to be true, you can bet that it probably is!

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