Facing the Debt Giant Head-on

The stakes were set for a battle of overwhelming odds. Two armies faced each other, positioned on two separate hills. In the valley between, a fierce warrior stood alone, screaming out obscenities to the opposing army. Had he been an ordinary soldier, he might have invited some ready combat. This, however, was no ordinary soldier. Over nine feet tall, this giant of a warrior was outfitted in the sleekest armor. His bronze coat of armor weighed in at 125 pounds, and his iron spearhead, a staggering 15 pounds. Opposing army…meet Goliath.

In fear, all but one warrior stood cowering in the shadows. As Goliath bellowed out his taunts again, this young soldier began running towards this towering giant with surprising speed and agility. Other soldiers saw a giant who was far too big to challenge. Yet, equipped with only a slingshot and raw courage, this shepherd-boy saw a giant who was too big to ignore.

Years in the valley had trained him well, and now he stepped forward to attack what, to him, looked no different than the bears and lions that had threatened his flocks of sheep. With one swift release of his sling, he landed a smooth stone in the unprotected forehead of his opponent. Goliath’s twisted snarl of a mouth hung open in shock. With one truly giant thud, he fell to the ground. In seconds, what had once been a huge threat was no longer a threat to the armies of Israel…Goliath was dead.

Facing debt is very much like facing the towering giant described in this Old Testament story. Truly, a perspective is needed which recognizes that debt is a giant which is too big to ignore. Giants are not defeated by accident, however.

We must intentionally run towards any giants of debt in our lives. How convenient it would be if debt could be killed with one sturdy sling of a stone! Unfortunately, debt is not usually “killed off” in one day. Facing this giant requires the use of many practical stones of wisdom.

Your thoughts on this subject? Your comments appreciated!

Content © Rich Brott, 2011

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