Secrets of the Seed – Part II

Secrets of the Seed – Part II

You are a Steward of the Seed 

Our life’s stewardship should reflect God’s interest in all that He has entrusted us with. Genesis 1:26 records that God made man to rule over all the earth and all life on earth, both plant and animal. In Genesis 2:15, man was made steward over the Garden in which there was gold, precious stones and rivers. In other words, man was created for more than going to heaven after a lifetime of waiting. He was created to be a faithful steward over the work of God’s hands. This is a lot of trust that God places in our lives.


It is more than just finances. It is our entire life and how we handle it with faithfulness, responsibility, accountability, honesty and integrity. Stewardship is bringing everything we have to offer to the Lordship of Christ. What kind of a person makes a good steward? A person who has a great respect for God and his creation.


Money and possessions, at best, only last a lifetime. At worst, they don’t last at all. They are but a fleeting vapor, just like our lives. Why spend all of your life trying to accumulate something that will never last? How much better it would be for you to spend your time investing in things that are of eternal nature.


God is concerned about our actions and motives. What we are is far more important than what we possess! The person who takes stewardship seriously handles life, talents, strength and money as a trust from God.



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