Unraveling the Mystery of Investing #1

Unraveling the Mystery of Investing #1

Investing can be very complicated or very simple. It can be very successful or disastrous. There is risk with investing and there is risk in not investing. Investing can be very enjoyable or very distasteful. So in this chapter we want to give you some overall and well-rounded investment information. Absolutely no attempt will be made to influence you to invest in a specific type of financial instrument.


We must recognize the risks involved in all investments and what you can do to minimize those risks. Next, we will look at common mistakes that lead to investment disaster, followed by several principles you need to know about investing in mutual funds. We will then present some alternatives for your investment consideration, with a discussion of their various advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this chapter is simply to give you enough information so that you can make your own wise financial investment decisions.


There are several types of risk that every portfolio can be exposed to. Investment gains and losses can result from such factors as economic conditions and changes in the financial markets. In building your portfolio, you should be aware of some of the categories of risk.  More in my next blog.



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