You CAN Be Debt Free

You CAN Be Debt Free


Can you be debt free?  One person says, “I can,” another person says, “I cannot.”  Which person is correct?  Both are correct.  If you think you can, most likely you will.  It’s not so much the power of positive confession or positive thinking, as it is the sheer determination of the human spirit to accomplish what he or she sets out to do.


Being in bondage through debt is sort of the modern-day equivalent to ancient times when a peasant served his lord.  Debt is probably one of Satan’s best natural weapons. 


Debt binds so many individuals and families that it is hard to think of a stronger bondage.  Debt is the source of strife, heavy burdens and marriage problems. 


Debt keeps us from being free to fulfill the purposes of God in our lives.  Debt also keeps us from giving generously, which can heap enormous blessings upon our lives.



Your thoughts on this subject?  Your comments appreciated!


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