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Why I Pay With Cash

Why I Pay With Cash
….and why you should too!
1.     If you pay cash, you are likely to be more careful in your purchase.

You may not make the purchase at all.
You may delay the purchase until you have enough cash.
You may decide there are other priorities for you cash.
You may press the vendor for a better […]

Natural Economy vs. God’s Economy

In the natural economy, we experience such things as debt, bankruptcy, recession, depression and other financial crises. But in God’s economy there is no such thing as want, lack, recession or depression.
Yet because most of us are not aware of God’s economy and His willingness to provide financial abundance, we need to be strengthened in […]

God’s Economy Requires Faith

Faith is the confident belief that God takes action in our lives and that His action is for our ultimate benefit. Much of the struggle we have in the Christian life is not believing that God can do something, but believing that He will. One of the areas that tests our trust in God is […]

A Kingdom Perspective on Money

To desire great wealth and to spend a lifetime in search of prosperity and affluence is to abuse the time on earth that God has given to each of us. But to use money as a tool, rather than a means to accumulate material goods, is the best route to take.
You may have noticed that […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities VIII

According to USA Today, New York City and Dallas each recently reported 4,000 complaints and inquiries; Phoenix had 6,000 and Cincinnati had 8,000. Consumers who respond are easily pre-approved for a loan. They’ll receive it once they send an application fee or processing fee of several hundred dollars. The new loan, of course, never materializes.
State […]