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Mark Twain on Credit

Mark Twain had a couple of significant things to say about credit. 
“Beautiful credit! The foundation of modern society.  Who shall say that this is not the golden age of mutual trust, of unlimited reliance upon human promises?  That is a peculiar condition of society which enables a whole nation to instantly recognize […]

Credit Score Basics

Now you probably know that your credit report is essentially your credit history.  It details what sort of loans are outstanding, how long you’ve had them, whether you pay your bills on time and so on (the information is not just from credit card companies, but all your creditors, including utilities, landlords, hospitals, […]

Being Credit-Worthy

In order to borrow at competitive rates it is important to be a credit-worthy person.  Everyone knows that potential lenders look closely at your credit record, but did you also know that landlords and insurance companies do, too?  Here are some tips for building up a clean credit record – and making sure […]

Credit Card Debt and Interest – Part II

Scripture says the poor will always be with us, but it does not say none of them will be Christians.  A friend of mine, who is very brilliant individual, once made a statement that seemed very odd to me.  He said, “I cannot understand why God has not made me rich yet.” 
I […]

Credit Card Debt and Interest – Part I

Your current credit card debt represents more than just the fact that you owe money.  It represents the fact that you are spending more money than you are making.  It represents the fact that you are out of touch with your financial future.  It represents the fact that you need to attend to […]