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Pool Your Debt Schemes

Also called debt consolidation or debt pooling, budget planning or debt adjusting companies, these people end up increasing, not decreasing, your debts, once you pay their debt consolidation charges. Some of these companies charge outrageously high interest or fees that may amount to illegal loan sharking operations. If you need help paying your […]

Repair Your Credit Schemes

Major credit bureaus offer services that let you check your credit file. Under some programs, you get a copy of your credit file as often as you want for $30-$50 per year and receive notification every time a creditor receives a copy of your file.
Federal law already lets you see your credit file […]

Extended Warranties

Many merchants encourage customers to buy extended warranties when they buy autos, appliances or electronic items. They’re profitable for the merchants, who pocket up to 40 percent of the amount before sending the rest to the insurer. Don’t buy extended warranties on appliances or electronics. While you pay for them in advance, they […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities

The salesperson who pressures you to buy now or invest here, should trigger a red warning flag in your mind. Consider the friend who drops by to give you an opportunity to invest in a red-hot deal. Unfortunately, you must decide today (they say) because they are going to start drilling for oil […]

Start a Retirement Fund Now!

Start a Retirement Fund Now!
Start a retirement fund.  If you work for a corporation that has one, use the 401(k) plan.  If employed by a firm with no pension plan, open an Individual Retirement Account.  As a rule, both the contributions to these plans and the earnings are untaxed until you withdraw the […]