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Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities VIII

According to USA Today, New York City and Dallas each recently reported 4,000 complaints and inquiries; Phoenix had 6,000 and Cincinnati had 8,000. Consumers who respond are easily pre-approved for a loan. They’ll receive it once they send an application fee or processing fee of several hundred dollars. The new loan, of course, never materializes.
State […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities VII

“Take-Their-Money” & Disappear Schemes
Most people make major financial expenditures without really looking at all the facts. This kind of action is downright dangerous and certainly not smart. The ultimate cost and alternative possibilities are seldom considered when someone is swept along in a desire to acquire a new home, car, business or other personal investment.
Beware […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities VI

“Free” Vacations
A favorite giveaway to lure you to sales presentations, such as those peddling condos, is the promise of a dream vacation to Hawaii, the Bahamas or Mexico. In fact, what you get is a vacation certificate. To take advantage of it, you must typically deal with an out-of-state travel agency by mail, not by […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities V

Pool Your Debt Schemes
Also called debt consolidation or debt pooling, budget planning or debt adjusting companies, these people end up increasing, not decreasing, your debts, once you pay their debt consolidation charges. Some of these companies charge outrageously high interest or fees that may amount to illegal loan sharking operations. If you need help paying […]

Get-Rich-Quick Schemes = Get-Poor-Quick Realities IV

Repair Your Credit Schemes
Major credit bureaus offer services that let you check your credit file. Under some programs, you get a copy of your credit file as often as you want for $30-$50 per year and receive notification every time a creditor receives a copy of your file.
Federal law already lets you see your credit […]