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Track Your Spending

Record every penny spent for the past 90 days and the next 90 days. If you don’t know where the money went, how can you get out of debt? Close your eyes and visualize a stress-free, debt-free lifestyle. You are on vacation…but you have paid for it all in advance. It is not more income […]

Think Twice About Credit Card Debt

Your current credit card debt represents more than just the fact that you owe money. It represents the fact that you are spending more money than you are making. It represents the fact that, depending on how much you owe, you could be out of touch with your financial situation. It represents the fact that […]

Avoid Indulgence

Don’t get in the habit of buying something before you need it or because you think you might use it at some future date. Indulgence because you feel that you owe it to yourself or it will help your self-esteem is a very bad habit to get into.
You can develop habits that will insure financial […]

Less Is Better Than More

It is always wise to borrow less rather than more. Cultivate the mindset that you will only borrow for absolute necessities and that you will repay the loan at the earliest possible date. Paying back a larger amount than the required fixed payment will help you retire the debt early. What should you not be […]

Putting The Brakes On Borrowing

Too often, people are quick to borrow instead of trusting the Lord to meet their needs. After all, doesn’t Scripture tell us that our God is a providing God, and that He will take care of us by meeting our needs? What if we turn to credit and take on new debt, when all along […]