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Choosing to Improve Your Financial Condition – 4

Can you be debt free? One person says, “I can,” another person says, “I cannot.” Which person is correct? Both are correct. If you think you can, most likely you will. It’s not so much the power of positive confession or positive thinking, as it is the sheer determination of […]

Choosing to Improve Your Financial Condition – 3

Keeping temptation away helps to stop the bleeding but it does nothing to correct past mistakes. You still have to handle past purchases, past loans and other debt you have incurred. Now that you have stopped the bleeding by saying no to new debt, take all extra cash you have and apply it […]

Choosing to Improve Your Financial Condition – 2

Of course, you think you have worked hard and deserve some extras, and perhaps you do – but don’t! Now is the time to say no and now is the time to give up the extra things you purchase that make you feel good.
Will some of this involve saying no to some of your […]

Choosing to Improve Your Financial Condition – 1

Understanding that a lot of choices do come your way and that you have within you the power to improve your financial condition, you will come to understand that you too can be completely debt free. So what is the answer? Let’s start by making sure you know you have too much debt […]

Why You Should Become Debt Free - Part 4

To enjoy life. Debt has a way of diminishing our quality of life. It often takes the enjoyment out of the simple things in life. After piling up debt after debt, we spend half our lives just paying the cost of interest, in addition to repaying the debt.
To fulfill dreams. Debt […]