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The Value Of Self-Control

When it comes to spending your money, do you ever think about self-control? Well, you probably do. But does it make you stop before making that unneeded purchase, or at least give you momentary pause? If so, that’s good!
The only way to build wealth is to restrict spending. If a person or family […]

Giving To World Missions

For over 35 years, one of my favorite giving targets is that of giving to world missions. My wife and I have consistently given to missionaries, missions projects and charities…and to some of the same ones since the beginning. Great opportunities to give in these areas are available through your local church and of course […]

What Is Wealth?

Yes I know that when one is young, the desire to become wealthy sometimes enters our minds. Usually we think in terms of money and assets. But the older one gets, the more he/she realizes that wealth is so much more than economic favor.
Our culture and society have sold us a bill of goods. They […]

Living Life Just For Yourself?

Do you ever find yourself thinking about different types of people, and how many exceptional individuals it takes to make up our world? We all come in a variety of personalities and packages. Our uniqueness comes from our DNA, our families, our life experiences, our education, our exposure, our friends, etc. Fashioned, shaped and molded […]

Personal Vision Management

Recently I spent some time in one-to-one conversation with well-known author, speaker, pastor, Dr. Myles Munroe from the Bahamas. One of my favorite books was written by him; The Principles and Power of Vision. Dr. Munroe said this, “Perhaps your dreams are so big they almost frighten you. You don’t see how they could ever […]